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Band Geek Icons,Color Bars, and Other Graphics.
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Hey, are you a band geek who loves icons, color bars, and other graphics? Then join here! There are graphics for everybody and requests are accepted! Do you want to post some pictures of your group or band? Have a funny story only band geeks would get? Then you can join,too! This community is everything music.

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Community Rules:

1 Please don't go on a hate rampage with other members. If you and another member are in a dispute, please take it off the community to somewhere else. To continue to fight in the community will prompt me to ban you.
2 Please, no community advertising in other people's posts, and no community advertising on the recent entries page. This is a community for band graphics, not a place for you to advertise what you and your best friend made two minutes ago. Your post and/or comment will be deleted by me or the posts's owner.
3 Off Topic(OT) posts are fine as long as they're talking about music.
4 Don't bully other people into giving/making you a graphic. If you want one so bad, make it yourself.
5. Rudeness will not be tolerated. You will receive up to two warnings. The third time you will be removed.
6. Please, please no fights over which instrument/band/section is best. I've seen it happen in other communities and forums. All instruments are important to a band. <\small>

Icontest Rules:

Here at band__graphics we have an on going icontest. Each time we have a new theme and anyone is welcome to join in! If you would like to see the past winners, go here. Here are the icontest rules:

Entering Rules:
* You can submit up to two icons
* You must submit links to your icons
* If you do not that, your icon will be disqualified
* Your icon must be 100x100 pixels
* They must be up to the LJ file size of 40
* No animation!
* All comments will be screened so there will be NO peeking!
* There will be a two week time limit to send in icons. After that I will give you guys one week on voting.
* You don't have to enter to vote

Voting Rules:
~*~Everyone can vote.
~*~Comment with your top two.
~*~All comments will be screened.
~*~You have one week to vote!

Current Contest: Band Camp!

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We all love color bars. Yes, even you. Yes, you. It's perfectly fine if you request a color bar. But before you do, please look in the memories, because the color bar you want may be there. This way, there won't be five billion different color bars for the same instrument or whatever.

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Please fill this out in your post:

Graphic: (LJ icon,avatar,color bar,other)

And remember to credit the person who worked hard to make you a graphic! :D

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1. When posting more than four icons,please use the lj-cut tag.
2. One color bar may or may not be behind the cut, in order to preview your work.
3. When posting friends banners, one may or may not be behind the cut in order to preview like color bars.
4. All wallpapers must have a preview image and link(s) to the wallpaper. Wallpapers are big images, and sometimes aren't dial-up friendly.
5. When posting a picture of your band, please put it behing a lj-cut.

This community is for band geeks. I believe you'll be looking for band_graphics if you're wanting to post some Good Charlotte icons. See, we have two underscores. ;) And one look at the entries and/or user info page would tell you that this is a band geeks haven. We like saxophones and flutes and marching and the G scale. So, please go to the other community if you are wishing to post some icons or whatever of a musical group.

If you post any type of graphics pertaining to non-band(and I mean band geek) related subjects your post will be deleted and I hope you leave the community and join one that is more acceptable or post graphics of the right type in this one. To continue to post (like 3 and up) of the other type will make me ban you. It is very clear what kind of community this is, so you know. ;)

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This the second layout of the community. The lady featured in the layout is Teri Brown,a fellow musician, and she was kind enough to let me use her pictures. Thank you, Teri! You can learn more about Teri at her site, located here.

This community is managed by elgato_gamgins, and if you have any questions just ask!