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The Icontest is Back Up!

Okay, you guys convinced me to have the icontests back up! Now I really want to see some action here! :D

If you're new here and/or never been in an icontest before this is how it works. I give you a band related theme. You get to make up to two icons for that theme. You submit them to me to this post in the form of a comment WITH the links to the icons. After the due date, I post all of the icons, and them everyone in the community votes for their favorite icon.

So, let's begin!

Theme: Band Camp!

* You can submit up to two icons
* You must submit links to your icons
* If you do not that, your icon will be disqualified
* Your icon must be 100x100 pixels
* They must be up to the LJ file size of 40
* No animation!
* Have fun and SMILE!

You MAY look at tutorials on how to make icons, BUT NO ONE may help YOU MAKE YOUR ICON.

All comments are screened!

Before you post your icons or ask any questions, please read the comments I posted!!!

First comment is for questions.

Second comment if for your first icon if your are making two icons OR if you are just making one icon for the contest.

Third comment if you are making two icons, and this is where you post your second icon.

The DUE DATE is the July 8th!

EDIT:I think there was some confusion. You guys posted links to your icons, but not your icons. Did I make it confusing? Should I change something? Or do you not know how to post icons? Because every icontest I've entered, we posted the icon and a link to it.
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